4) Hollow shafts are stronger than solid shafts. This results in less shaft deflection as well as reduced weight.

3) Shaft is hollow above 13" roll length.

1) Standard 6" and 7" diameter rolls have .250" wall thickness.

2) Standard 4" and 5" diameter rolls have .150" wall thickness. The option is available to have .250" wall thickness.

Key features which make us the Rite Choice:


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11) Seal channel design allows for pressure greasing of complete cavity.

12) It is possible to private label this item. More information on this can be found here.

Key Features

5) Plugs are machined for interference fit inside bearing diameter. This reduces risk of bearing distortion from oversize fit and excessive play in under-sizing.

shaft ends

7) Shaft ends can be made to fit any frame dimension or slot size. For more information click here.

8) Bearing housing is machined to;

a) Ensure quality of outside bearing housing diameter.
b) Ensure concentric fit with can.

9) Can is bored to accept housing and continuous welded at interior of can edge, eliminating any possibility of belt contact and wear. This also improves the T.I.R. (straightness) of the roll.

roll end bracket

10) Depth of bearing housing allows for extensive seal arrangement, including a rear seal.

14) Progressively widening gaps in our end brackets aid in the prevention of material entrapment.

6) Plugs are internally threaded to accept specialty shaft ends.

13) This product line is available in steel, rubber, urethane, HDPE or ceramic coated rolls.

15) Rigid angled foot straps help to eliminate bending and twisting for improved frame alignment. Allows frames to be tilted to aid in belt tracking.