It is for this reason that, at Rite Idler, our primary design focus has always been the protection and proper lubrication of our bearings. This ensures a long and productive life for our rolls and therefore the best value for you; our customer. If you look below at our roll end cutaway, you will see how we meet this goal. Our sealing system incorporates seven component parts. Four of these seals lie between the bearing and the roll end. The other three seals lie between the bearing and the interior of the roll. We do not use sealed for life bearings. This allows us to inject a much larger volume of high quality grease which completely surrounds the bearing and fills the cavity completely! This configuration results in 10 to 15 times the volume of grease found in a roll with "sealed for life" type bearings.

The single most important component in any idler are the bearings. When a bearing seizes the belt can quickly change the roll into a piece of scrap metal with razor sharp edges. Conveyor belting is far too valuable to risk sliding it across the sharp edges of a failed roller.


Machined surface for precision fit


The Rite Design

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Roll End Cutaway


Deep Groove ball bearings

Rear seals are grease filled

Extra large spindles machined to receive bearings and seals

Cavity under bearing allows for slight interference fit to prevent fretting which is the premier cause of idler failure

Heavy ERW tubing supplied as standard

Large grease filled cavities

Grease Ways

Bolt in ends to fit most OEM frames or to suit special applications

Flats to hold bolt ends

V-Ring Nitrile contact seals

Rear nylon contact seal

Reverse cap for water

Combination dust and stone shield

Fillet weld

Grease filled areas.