Specialty Shaft Ends

Does your conveyor system have more than one manufacturer's idler in it? Do you have trouble fitting replacement rolls into the frames and are tired of going to multiple companies to get your replacement rolls? We have the Rite solution for you!


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We would also be happy to take the measurements for you! You can either send us a sample of your roll or we can come visit you personally and take the measurements on site to make sure we can accurately provide you the proper equipment for your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our specialty bolt ends to help you make the Rite choice!

The process for finding just the Rite roll for you is easy!

Read our Rite Information page and fill out the dimension sheets. Send us the information and we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for!

This means you can get all of your replacement parts from us and not have to worry about replacing any unnecessary parts. This saves you time and money while utilizing a premium product!

Our specialty shaft ends are what make us unique compared to any other idler manufacturer. Our rolls can be customized to fit any conveyor system. Our plugs have threaded ends which allows us to fabricate our shaft ends to fit any frame design regardless of dimensions or slot sizes! With just a few measurements of your current roll or frame we can supply you with a replacement roll that has a virtually perfect fit!