Many of the bulk materials moved by conveyors can be very abrasive and/or corrosive. To help protect our idler rolls and frames against these elements we offer a range of options. Our rolls can be lagged with a variety of different rubbers, coated with a ceramic impregnated epoxy compound or sleeved with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or urethane. We offer the option of galvanized frames to aid in combating corrosion.

At Rite Idler there are a variety of different Rubber Rolls to choose from depending on what is needed for your conveyor system. Rubber can be used for abrasion resistance, belt cleaning or to lesson the stress on an idler. Non-Castellated rubber rolls are used for wear resistance. Pure Gum rolls are a soft rubber roll used on the return side of the conveyor to clean the belt. Our Castellated rolls are used for abrasion resistance as well as the prevention of material build up on rolls used on the return side of a conveyor. Rubber Impact rolls are used in impact areas in order to lesson the stress on the conveyor belt as material is being dropped onto the belt. No matter what your rubber roll needs are, we can help you make the Rite choice!



Abrasion Resistance: Coatings

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Frames can experience corrosion due to the materials traveling on the conveyor belt, and even from the environment that the conveyor is in. Marine and salt water environments are a prime example of this. For this reason we offer the option of having any of our Frames Galvanized. At Rite Idler we accomplish this using hot dipped galvanizing. For more severe applications, alternate coatings are available.


Ceramic rolls are used in very abrasive situations. Our Rite Idler ceramic rolls are made by taking our regular rolls and coating them with an epoxy which has ceramic embedded within it.


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) covered rolls are used for abrasion & corrosion resistance.We utilize our standard steel roll with a 1/2” HDPE sleeve pressed onto it.


Urethane Rolls are also an excellent choice for abrasion resistance. We use our standard steel rolls with a 1/2” urethane sleeve pressed onto it.

The Rite choice for which abrasion resistant roll you use is a personal preference. Rite Idler’s Ceramic, HDPE and Urethane rolls are all quality products to help reduce abrasion on your systems. Our galvanized frames are a great option for those working with corrosive material. Contact Us for any questions that you might have and let us help you make the Rite choice!

Galvanized Frames