Rite Idler’s 3 roll return idler is the best and most effective return idler on the market! There are three major reasons why we can proudly make this claim. First, this design utilizes three shorter rolls as opposed to just one longer roll. This increases the number of bearings from two to six, doubling the carrying capacity of the idler, and decreasing the number of return idlers required on your system by half!

Second, the rolls used on the return are the same rolls used on the trough side of the belt, eliminating the need to stock extra spare rollers of another size! Not only will this simplify things and free up space, you will also be able to use less manpower due to the reduced weight of each roll!

Finally, the 3 roll return idler has the same ability to track your belt on the return side as a conventional return idler does, but it comes with two additional features! The belt is held in a trough on the return side rather than flat, so the forces that cause your belt to track off now have to battle gravity to try to push the belt up the incline of the return wing rolls. Our frames are designed so that both wing rolls tilt forward 2° in the direction of travel. This results in the belt being pushed to the centre of the idler and therefore towards the centre of the conveyor.

The 3 roll return idler is the Rite choice for your return side of the belt. Not only is it the best and most effective product but it is also available in a special version which can solve material carry back on your belt. Placing the special version of our 3 roll return where the centre roll is lagged with pure gum rubber in strategic locations on the conveyor can effectively remove material that has accumulated without effecting the overall operation of the conveyor!


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3 Roll Return Idler


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