Conventional return training idlers can be a huge problem! The moving parts wear out, guide rolls fall off, debris gets lodged in the mechanisms and most people just end up roping them off to one side. Our Inverted “V” tracking system solves this problem!

The Inverted “V” Tracking System is a convenient & easy solution to your return tracking needs! Our Inverted “V” Returns are used in conjunction with regular return rolls on either side of it to make up the tracking system. The regular return rolls on either side are one CEMA rating higher than the belt. The inverted V’s put pressure down directly on the belt and then the next regular return roll ahead of it will track the belt straight with NO moving parts! The only parts that move on this tracking system are the rolls spinning. All you do is set them up one time and let them run!


Inverted "V" Tracking System

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Images are examples of Inverted "V" Returns.