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Our first design is the Retractable Idler which allows for the center roll and both wing rolls to be easily and quickly changed. One side slides out to give you access to one wing roll. The other side slides out to give you access to both the center and wing roll. This allows the rolls to get clear of the belt, making it easy to change ALL rolls.

Retractable Idlers

Removable End Brackets

Retractable Idlers &

In the impact areas, or heavily skirted areas of a conveyor system it is very difficult or even impossible to lift the belt in order to change the rolls. This leads to longer downtimes and greater frustrations when these rolls need to be changed. We have developed two options to solve this problem.


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Our second design is the Removable End Bracket which is a more economical solution to easily remove both of the wing rolls. Undo the bolts on the end bracket and the top half of the bracket will lift out of the way. This will allow for the easy removal of the wing roll. It is a much more economical solution than the retractable design for removing wing rolls, however it does not allow for the removal of the center roll.

Removable End Brackets

Images are examples of our Retractable Idlers

Images are examples of Removable End Brackets