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We manufacture our rolls with a unique shaft end design to allow for a customized to fit any conveyor system. Our plugs have threaded ends which allows us to fabricate our shaft ends to fit any frame design regardless of dimensions or slot sizes! With just a few measurements of your current roll or frame we can supply you with a replacement roll that has a virtually perfect fit!

The Rite Design

At Rite Idler, our design focus has always been the protection and proper lubrication of our bearings. What sets us apart? Our sealing system incorporates seven component parts. Four seals lie between the bearing and the roll end, and three seals lie between the bearing and the roll’s interior. We are the only company to do this! We do NOT use “sealed for life” bearings. We pressure inject the seals to fill the entire cavity with grease – resulting in 10-15 times the volume of grease.


Internally threaded

Our composite shafts (plugs) are internally threaded to accept our unique specialty shaft ends. Our shaft ends allow us to be able to customize to fit any competitors frame, regardless of manufacturer!


If you need a specific design,
we have the ability to custom-make your rolls based on your specific needs.

Custom fit

Our shafts are machined for an interference-fit within the interior of
the bearing. The end cap is machined for an interference-fit with the outside diameter of the bearing, preventing bearing distortion.

Deep bearing housing

Our deep bearing housing allows us
to fit our extensive sealing system, which includes a total of 7 seals to prevent interior contamination.

Variety of materials

Our rolls are able to be ordered with rubber, urethane, HDPE or ceramic outer layers. We coat, vulcanize, or press your required material onto our steel rolls.

Wide end brackets

Our shafts are hollow above 13’’ roll length. Composite shafts are stronger
than solid shafts- this results in less shaft deflection as well as reduced weight.

About The Company

We manufacture idler components designed for the bulk material handling and shipping industries. Our products have a premium design that sets us apart from competitors, and we are proudly manufactured in Canada. As a family-owned company with over 40 years of experience, we are committed to providing the our customers with the best quality idlers suitable for any conveyor system.


June 3, 2019
PDAC 2019

PDAC 2019 this March in Toronto was a success! Thank you everyone who came out to the show and stopped by our booth to chat! See you next year!

February 20, 2019
Mine Expo 2020

After huge success exhibiting at “MineExpo 2016” we are proud to announce we be once again exhibiting at “MineExpo 2020” in Las Vegas! Mine Expo 2020 will be taking place September 28-30th 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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