Specialty Idler Products

We can custom design idlers to meet your specific needs.

At Rite Idler, we’re large enough to be competitive but still flexible enough to adapt to make custom-designed idlers to meet your specific application. Some of these designs include our inverted “V” return idlers, retractable idlers, removable end brackets, coated rolls, and guide rolls.

Abrasion Resistance: Coatings

To help protect our idler rolls and frames against harsh elements, we offer a range of coating options. Our rolls can be lagged with a variety of different rubbers, coated with a ceramic impregnated epoxy compound, or sleeved with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or urethane. We also offer the option of galvanized frames to protect against corrosion.

Inverted “V” Returns

Inverted “V” Returns are used in conjunction with regular return rolls on either side to make up the tracking system. The inverted V’s put pressure directly on the belt and then the next regular return roll ahead of it will track the belt straight with NO moving parts! The only parts that move on this tracking system are the rolls spinning. All you do is set them up once and let them run!

Retractable Idlers and Removable End Brackets

Our Retractable Idlers allow for the center roll and both wing rolls to be easily and quickly changed. One side slides out to give you access to one wing roll, and the other side slides out to give you access to both the center and wing roll. Our Removeable End Brackets allow for the easy removal of the wing roll. It is a much more economical solution than the retractable design for removing wing rolls.

Guide Rolls

All of our Guide Rolls are custom-designed for specific applications to last longer and are machined out of solid steel billets. More steel means a longer life for our rolls. Our CNC capabilities allow our guide rolls to be custom-designed as required for different guiding requirements.

3 Roll Return

Rite Idler’s 3 Roll Return idler is the best and most effective return idler on the market. Why? 1. Our design utilizes three shorter rolls as opposed to just one longer roll, increasing the number of bearings from two to six, doubling the carrying capacity of the idler, and decreasing the number of return idlers required on your system by half! 2. The rolls used on the return are the same rolls used on the trough side of the belt, eliminating the need to stock extra spare rollers of another size – reducing manpower needed due to the reduced weight of each roll! 3. The belt is held in a trough on the return side rather than flat, and our frames are designed so that both wing rolls tilt forward 2° in the direction of travel. This results in the belt being pushed to the centre of the idler and therefore towards the centre of the conveyor

Extreme Duty Impact

Rite Idler’s “Extreme Duty” impact idlers are the perfect solution for tackling your toughest requirements. The end components of these idler rolls are precision machined in our CNC department. To achieve the durability required to stand up against the toughest loads, our 65 series incorporates 63132RS bearings. Exceeds CEMA F standards

Standard Idlers

Our products have a premium design that sets us apart from competitors, and we are proudly manufactured in Canada.